Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Too Honest

I couldn’t imagine that there would come a time when I wanted to clap my hands over my toddler’s mouth. Oh, I can sense some violent reactions. I’m sorry. I guess I’m just a good mom and you are the better mom. :D

Anyway, if you have read me before, you already know that we’ve been to the doctor few times last month. Actually, four times, because Matt had bronchitis.

Once, to the doctor's hospital clinic and three times, we went to this doctor’s home clinic – that’s not too spotless, if I were to say.

While we were in the doctor’s home clinic, would you believe what my dear son said?

Matt, after his random blabbering about whatever, dramatically paused and said, “Abog.” Dusty!

With all the emotions he can muster, he very clearly said so. And it didn't happen once. Nor twice. But all the three times we were in that clinic, with little variation of the tone every time. And in front of the doctor, all those times.

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Cecily R said...

I've so wanted to clap my hand over my kid's mouths too! You have NO IDEA how many times! Actually, I have...more than once. It's either that or laugh hysterically. I don't know which is worse...