Friday, November 02, 2007

And I Thought

"Rat! Dead Rat!" Wrinkling my nose, I said to my mother as I retreated back to the living room.

I had wanted to sleep but it was a malodorous stench that greeted me when I opened our bedroom door. Though the prospect was not appealing, my son, who was with his father - catnapping for sure, was sleeping there and so I decided to forget about myself and examine every corner to see where that smell was coming from.

Surely, that's a dead rat or rats! Yikes.

There's really a dead rat somewhere in here, I thought. When I got in, I kicked (gently :D) my husband and told him so. He just looked surprised.

Looking everywhere, I found nothing.


Kneeling down near Matt's sleeping form, I stooped low and brought my nose to his bottom. Eeeeew! Rats! Dead rats! :D

It's a wonder my husband didn't smell all that. (And I need not say more :D)

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Cecily R said...

Boys don't smell it because acknowledging it means having to do something about it!

YOu make me laugh!

Melanie said...

I'm pretty sure that if he is anything like my hubby- he smelled every bit of that dirty diaper!

Matchbox Mom said...

hahaha!!! That's hillarious! Sometimes they really do smell like dead rats, eh?!!

Thanks for the laugh. BTW got here from Cecily.


Midas said...

LOL. Gosh, I just had that same thought this morning on waking up near my son's diapered bottom.