Sunday, April 22, 2007

All about Matt

I have a black roundish mark on my arm again because Matt bit me on the arm the other day. He rarely bites for quite sometime. But I have tried to be more than patient with him.

Teething? Maybe. I carefully examined his gums and felt with my forefinger the molars emerging from his upper gum. Yes, he is teething. Just as nature would have it. The book said to expect molars to appear when baby is 12 to 15 months. It's time.

And maybe this explains his sudden dislike to brushing, a not-so-Matt thing. Strange. And for a time, I wondered what caused his resistance to brushing.

I have tried giving him a gum massage though, which he undoubtedly loves. He is more than willing to open his mouth for a long time and let me do the rythmic forward-backward stroke on his gums without attempting to nip at my finger. He would even smile and move his head froward and backward and look at me for approval. Cute.

But more than that, Matt is his usual playful, energetic self. Thanks GOD.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

New Car

This is one of the goodies Papa bought for me last Saturday.

Camera, huh?

Lemme show you my new car..

This is the hood. If we lift it..

..we'll find a bunny inside the compartment..

But I don't want the bunny..C'mon let's get going now..

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Tooth brushing

My son loooves brushing his teeth.

And I have been brushing his teeth long before he reached 1 year. Must have been the time he got 4 teeth already. His first brush is a yellow thing with soft rubber bristles specially designed for less-than-a-year old babies. After his first birthday, I bought him the next-stage brush with very real bristles (but still soft).

But brushing his teeth those days had been easier because he was just contented to stay still and to let me do all the brushing. I couldn't say this now.

'Course, he still loves brushing his teeth. But the thing is, he wants to do it all by himself! And he always wants me to give him a free grasp of the brush to do his thing! Fine, he knows how to hold his brush and he has somehow learned to make the brushing motions but I am just not sure if he can really clean his teeth (I do not trust him this, not yet).

I have tried getting him another brush (with real bristles too) just so he will have something to hold while I brush his teeth. But few days ago, he refused to be contented with that too. He wants the brush. That green brush that I use to brush his teeth. And it gets me oh-so frustrated (with me wanting to finish the task as fast as I can). And even more frustrated because I know it gets him frustrated, too (wanting to do it on his own).

Tuesday, April 03, 2007


Had to bring Matt to a kid's place in the mall and we stayed there for 3 hours.. Below are some things that got my son busy during our stay.

Car, cars...!


Small toys, smaller this block.

Big toys, bigger this kitchen.

Is this a real microwave?

Let's see if water runs from this faucet..

Toys to climb...

Monday, April 02, 2007

Wanna Be

Pre-departure inspection..

..the side mirror..

..mirror's okay..

..can I reach the steering wheel? Positive. let's release the handbrake..

..wait! Should I be checking this compartment, too?...

Let's go....

See, I told you I know how to control the wheel..

But I wonder how will I ever stop this car..

Ahh, the brake pad is just right there..let's see if I can jam my foot on the brakes.. me, brake pad is not within my reach...

..will just have to go neutral now...