Friday, September 14, 2007

Imaginative, Innovative

Because dear son constantly sees me with a screwdriver in my hand. So.

Mama does this all the time. Lemme try it now...

I hope this works.

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The Guitarman

Here is Matt's first guitar.

Ah no, scratch that. If we count the plastic toy guitar my cousin gave him as birthday present last year (but which was already broken), this is actually not his first.

But this is his first next-to-the-real-thing guitar. With only four string, this works just like one.

We call it a ukelele.

I bought one after Matt showed some fascination with bands and rockistas with guitars he would see on TV.

While I was out working one day, and while he was playing with a microphone (real mike), he surprised everyone in the house by saying "Ah want-ta guitar." Now, Matt had never asked for anything before. He's always just contented playing with his old toys (which are mostly presents from our relatives). So when he said that, my sister excitedly called to tell me about it.

But it was several days after that when I finally decided to get one for him (as I was still observing him - I hope that doesn't make me a bad mama). In between those days, I would often hear him say "Tito Mike. Tito Alan. Sing. Guitar" although not usually in that order.

It was his constant mentioning of my brother and my cousin (who are both playing musical instruments) that finally convinced me.

So happy was he that he could hardly part with it on that first day.

Strumming my heart with his fingers...

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Friday, September 07, 2007

Chairless Room for Now

I used to love this recliner as this was the only chair (except for cushion seats) we have in our room. I remember long nights spent on this one - nursing, rocking Matt to sleep or simply keeping watch as he sleeps.

But this one had to go. I made this decision after I woke up one morning to a terrifying sight of my son atop one of its arms. Matt, unknowing of the danger, was "riding" on the arm and looked every bit like a happy and excited pirate who has spotted an island far ahead.

I could smile now as I clearly remember his happy face but I was far from smiling then.

It really was an instant that I could imagine myself screaming, but which I also did not do then. Fear and panic that gripped my heart had me speechless. I could only jump up and hug my boy to me.

When I had collected my thoughts, I only told Matt how he got "Mama so scared." No other words could justify my emotions then.

And although I hated the thought of putting away something that had been useful to us (plus with sentimental value to me) and had been a source of adventure for Matt, I had to temporarily stow it away.

He could have flipped over it, and while I was asleep!
What a scary thought!

Matt only look trapped here but he was not. He used to love this recliner.

This was his source of adventure.

So because of the danger it poses to a curious toddler, I had to be content with a chairless room for now.

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Saturday, September 01, 2007

And you think he's just posing for the camera

He's behaving. Even flashed his signature innocent smile. Oh, that smile could melt the heart.

But here's what transpired before all that flashing of smiles.

Although not seen in the pic below, he cleverly used that green basket as a booster and was actually standing on top of it here

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