Sunday, December 23, 2007

Magic To Him

Early on, my sister and I had decided not to set up lights - on the tree or around our house. Not this year.

Truth is, after the highly circulated Christmas (light)-related accident last year, I felt unease creeping on in me everytime I think of the setting up the Christmas lights - which had caused the big fire that cost the life of the daughter of a prominent politician.

I felt safer -and comfortable with our decision.

But early this month my cousin gave us a couple of Christmas (light) Globes after seeing Matt's fascination with their globe lights. So okay, I reckoned that a couple of this will not hurt us and asked my brother, before he left for Korea, to set up the whole thing.

To my surprise, when I came home one afternoon, not only did he install the Globes but some of our lights from last year. I was planning on letting him know about my concern but before I could do that, my son seeing the lights all lighted said, "Wow! Blinking lights!" with the fervor only a child can muster.

Matt actually says that everytime we flick on our Christmas lights. All the time, he sounds as if he's just seen the lights for the first time. It's funny. But everytime I hear him say that, I have to silently thank my brother for all his effort - and my cousin who sent the Globes.

Friday, December 21, 2007

Wonder No More

My son - he just loves to sing. Nursery songs. Not-so kiddie songs that he'd hear around. Even songs in our dialect that my parents are teaching him, he's been trying to learn and sing them with all the effort of a two-year old.

And there are songs that he can finish til the last note and last word to the lyrics. Most are nursery songs. ABCs, You Are My Sunshine... and more. But for awhile there, I just wondered why he keeps on skipping a line of the Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star. There's just this one line that he misses singing -despite all our my mother's effort.

One time, while talking to his Papa over the phone, Matt asked him his "generic" request that he says every time he's on the singing mood. "Sing (song), Papa please." That time it was the Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star.

What's a father got to do but to comply. So over the phone, my hub sang -and because the phone was in loudspeaker mode, I heard my hub sing, too. He didn't have the voice but that's fine I’m use to that and Matt will get used to that . What's not fine to me though was the fact that he missed a line - and it was the very same line Matt keeps on skipping!

Monday, December 17, 2007

Saying At The Right Time

(I'm) Sorry. I love you. Please. Excuse me. Thank you. He's learning to say them at the right time. Matt really is becoming better at it - everyday. I mean, his timing is much improved. And I really couldn't complain.

Except with the I love you. He's saying it rather too well at times that I can't help but think he's doing a gentle maneuver with my heart.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

To involve him is to teach him

To involve him is to teach him. I gather that I couldn't just show him, or tell him or describe to him what I'm doing, I have to involve him.

So lately I've been asking my son to hand me a pillow or two, a blanket whenever I tidy our bed. He's really catching up fast and is good at following instructions lately. And I'm just so glad at this big improvement.

One time, I asked him to return the clothes he pulled from my cabinet and he willingly did. Slipshoddily, though.


When before I'd only request his help in throwing a soiled diaper (not poopy diapers though; anyway, he just loves throwing diapers) in the garbage bin, now I am involving him with other tasks like returning his toys or his books before we leave the room. He still cannot put them in proper order but at least he's learning to return them to their places. Some might think it's too early. Maybe. But I'd like to start early with him.

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Thursday, December 13, 2007

No Sense Of Time Yet

Yesterday. The other day. Last night. Last Monday. Although he know how to verbalize these, I can say that Matt doesn't grasp the concept of these yet.

Like this morning, when we sent my brother off to Manila (for a connecting flight to SoKor), Matt bade him goodbye.

"Go-bye. Ba-bye, Tito Boyet."

"See you later."

I know he was only imitating something he often hears without knowing its full meaning.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Extra Pair Of Hands - Soon!

Last Sunday, being my day-off, I was driven crazy with my son the whole day. The sight of our room alone, in total disarray, would do that.

We just finished reading and I thought it would be wonderful if someone or he himself takes care of his mess I requested for him to “return his books,” which were strewn on the floor along with his toys and what-not. If only he’d do as I told him. I would really love for him to do that but I, knowing only too well that he would either ignore my request or he could put the books back in place, only to make twice as much mess of them moments later, didn’t allow myself to expect him to do that. Aahh, frustrating. I am just too well-acquainted with the pitfalls of expecting.

After a glance to my direction, he mumbled “return” and then he started to pick up his books and “returned” them on the spot (under a re-used center table) where he got them. When he was done, he gave them a cursory final glance, looked at me and said “thank you” playfully. Not only that, he left the books untouched after returning them somewhat carelessly under the table. Yes he did (and I will not complain about how he arranged them because he's only 24-months old).

Monday, we went through the same motions again with the same positive result. I just couldn't help beaming like a cat after a good feeding.

I really can't wait for the time when I can request him to take care of the laundry.

Newest Ray-Ban Model!

Thursday, December 06, 2007

New Poster

Replaced Matt's old stuff with this and another poster. It looks much better and more attractive to my son.

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