Monday, October 15, 2007

23 Months

On the way to the Pedia, we decided to drop by the mall to pick up some supplies. But while we were in the mall, we decided, if he won't make such a fuss, to have Matt's hair cut.

Barber trips are not always easy because he gets wary with strangers (barber) handling him. The last time we had his haircut was heartbreaking because he was crying all throughout the session - despite the fact that he's sitting on my father's lap. My hugs were not any consolation to him too.

But last Sunday, he looked as if he's gonna cry but with some encouragement, he's all cooperative na.

The Pedia trip went well too. It was my idea to bring his toy steth so he will not be jumpy when he sees the doctor with his (and it worked! And the doctor commended me for it. Smile). Matt was being chummy with the doctor the whole time and was constantly trying to strike a chitchat with him, much to the Pedia's delight. The booster shot was over and done with in just a fraction of a second Matt didn't even realize there was one.

It's a wonderful tear-free day.

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Friday, October 12, 2007

No allergies, so far

We had crabs for lunch today.

Earlier, we showed kiddo the still-alive-and-moving crabs (with their claws still tied) that we bought from a peddler who came by. Buddy Matt was so excited that I felt compelled to let him have a feel to one. But then he got scared that I did not insist.

When lunch was served, I invited him to touch a shell again, with the explanation that it's already dead and cooked, to which he gladly gave in.

I also decide to share some crab meat to my son (with caution, of course). It's really his first time to taste some and judging from his response, he definitely loved it. I was also testing whether kiddo Matt is allergic to any crustacean.

He had shrimps before and then crabs now but so far I have not observed (and I couldn't be more grateful) any adverse reaction following our meal.

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Wednesday, October 10, 2007


The decision to put up these visual aids (and some that were not shown), despite the possibility that it would still be long before we could be able to use them, was made after I figured that I've had enough staring of the bare walls of our room.

That was about 2 months ago.

Except for the Alphabet and the Nursery Rhymes posters, I haven't really expected to be using them this soon.

But a couple of weeks ago, kiddo started showing some interest to these posters. He would curiously stare at the Flags of the World and The Solar System.

I believe He must have thought of the round objects shown in the Solar System poster as balls, thus, his interest. As I don't think he can grasp the idea of planets, the best I came up with was to tell him of the names of each planet. It's not everyday that he demands to be shown and told of the Solar System but to this day, he can positively identify the sun, Pluto and Saturn.

The flags are a different case though. Since the first day I carried him in my arms and pointed this and that, no day passes by that we do not take a look at the flags. He has made sure to request or demand that we play Where-Is every single day and even many times in a day -to which I happily oblige every time.

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