Friday, October 12, 2007

No allergies, so far

We had crabs for lunch today.

Earlier, we showed kiddo the still-alive-and-moving crabs (with their claws still tied) that we bought from a peddler who came by. Buddy Matt was so excited that I felt compelled to let him have a feel to one. But then he got scared that I did not insist.

When lunch was served, I invited him to touch a shell again, with the explanation that it's already dead and cooked, to which he gladly gave in.

I also decide to share some crab meat to my son (with caution, of course). It's really his first time to taste some and judging from his response, he definitely loved it. I was also testing whether kiddo Matt is allergic to any crustacean.

He had shrimps before and then crabs now but so far I have not observed (and I couldn't be more grateful) any adverse reaction following our meal.

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Melanie said...

It's always scary testing out new foods like that when we have to worry about allergies. So glad he enjoyed it and is not allergic to it!