Friday, December 29, 2006

1st Mall-ing

This is the second time in a row that we’re going out as a family. Just a little adventure for my son. This time the destination is the M-A-L-L. Yes, the mall! Matt’s 1st time. Although Cris and I decided to have our family pic taken in a studio at the mall, I have readied the camera, its memory sticks and batteries for this occasion.

After our side trip to the studio, we dined at a resto with Matt behaving like a gentleman (bless him). Looking at him- seated in a high chair- across the table makes me want to laugh. I am beaming with joy, just looking at my son, munching and playing with his crackers. Too bad I wasn’t able to get shots of him while in the resto.

With stomach calls already answered, we set off to check the kiddie corner where the rides and the carousel are. I believe Matt had a fabulous time. We bought plenty of tokens for the rides and only got a couple left before we decided to call it a day.

Gee, we had a fun time. I’ve never been so happy just going to a mall before. But this must have taken a toll on my son, as he dozed off to sleep before we could go home and right there in the middle of the throng of shoppers.

Thursday, December 28, 2006

1st Party!

I and the men in my life are going out. Oh no, not to the children’s clinic. Matt, my son and Cris, my hubby will escort me to a party. Nothing grand, really. This is not the typical drink-dance-all-you-want party. Contrary to that, this is just some sort of a get-together in the office. Food, little booze for the men and maybe a karaoke session afterwards. Right there in the basketball court-cum-parking area in my office.

So small an event yet this will be memorable. First, because we rarely go out together as a family (reason: hubby is always away and Matt is just a year old). Second, this is Matt’s 1st time to attend a party. I am so excited for my son (maybe just as excited as he is!).

‘Round and ‘round the court, Matt walked, ran and bounced off. I am pretty sure my hubby got tired of following him, who seem to have all the energy even if it’s almost his bedtime. He must be so ecstatic that he would sometimes scream and shout at the kids who hover around him.

At 10PM, we decided to go home and hit the sack.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Only a kid can...

Matt has learned to pull off these acts the way only a child can. And I can only surmise my son's intention everytime he does these funny antics (that never fail to amuse us). To amuse himself, perhaps. Or maybe, amuse us as well.

But whatever the reason, we are entertained.

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Small gesture, great joy.

I have been giving my son his share of biscuit after his morning nap ( reasons: to improve his pincer grasp, to give him a little freedom to feed himself and to practise his independence). It was one of those times. He was still holding the last piece I gave him when I scooped him off his playpen to watch the cats outside.

To my surprise, he motioned his hand forward to my mouth (hand-feeding position), biscuit in hand. He must have picked up the idea since I sometimes hand feed him. Got so overwhelmed with weird emotions that I almost choke when I instinctively took a tiny bite of the biscuit he offered. He hand fed me until there was none left of that piece of cracker.

At his age, I already tasted the returns of my hardwork. Care for care. Love for love. (And maybe, hand for hand). :-)