Sunday, December 10, 2006

Small gesture, great joy.

I have been giving my son his share of biscuit after his morning nap ( reasons: to improve his pincer grasp, to give him a little freedom to feed himself and to practise his independence). It was one of those times. He was still holding the last piece I gave him when I scooped him off his playpen to watch the cats outside.

To my surprise, he motioned his hand forward to my mouth (hand-feeding position), biscuit in hand. He must have picked up the idea since I sometimes hand feed him. Got so overwhelmed with weird emotions that I almost choke when I instinctively took a tiny bite of the biscuit he offered. He hand fed me until there was none left of that piece of cracker.

At his age, I already tasted the returns of my hardwork. Care for care. Love for love. (And maybe, hand for hand). :-)

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