Thursday, November 30, 2006


At 1 year old, my son is a babbling baby. He can say “hey” and “deal.” He creates his own words like “per” meaning diaper; “ba” for butterfly, “gigi” for light and “pa” for Pooh Bear. Sometimes, he mutters “Papa” and “Mama”, all in one breath. Other times, it’s the unintelligible “baby talk” you hear from him.

When it comes to his eating habits, I don’t have much to complain. Because I can easily feed him with veggies. So far, he has tried squash – he loves it! And some green, leafy vegetables like camote tops, saluyot, pechay and cabbage ( I don’t give him much of the latter because I’ve read that it can cause gas). It makes me smile to think that he eats various veggies more than his Papa. And he loves soups, too. He can make out the yogurt cup and would ask for his share when he sees you holding it. He eats biscuits, drinks orange juice ( I personally make one from Davao oranges) and takes his vitamins without a whimper.

He is learning to walk. Yes he can walk alone now – but I simply choose not to leave him walking alone. After he has taken his breakfast, we would go out of the house to sun bathe and have our morning walk out in the sun. I made it a part of our morning rituals.

Matt is one happy baby. He loves to laugh that innocent chortle of his and joins in laughter when everybody laughs. He likes to play Peek-A-Boo. And I think he loves to mimic Tatay-- the way he laughs and talks. Even tries to copy some of his nuances.

Seeing a cat or dog makes him kick with joy, the birds keep him still (observing it). And the light- from a flashlight, fluorescent or lampshades keeps him happy.

And Matt is a water baby. He giggles when we bathe him. Just the sound of the water running from the faucet or bubbling from the water dispenser gets him excited. And is even more delighted when he sees the dripping rain.

His killer smile --with his six little teeth (4 teeth on his upper gum and 2 on the lower gum) -- brightens my day. Keeps me alive, amazed and beaming with love and pure joy.

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