Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Matt's 1st Birthday

The party we threw for Matt’s 1st birthday was a success. Nothing so grand but a good one, nonetheless. Seeing the kids and my son happy, makes a whole lot of difference. The venue -

The VIP Hotel, Mezzanine B - was well-decorated by the hotel staff (thanks to my father who made some calls to good old friends in the hotel). There were also buntings and streamer from the party coordinator. Balloons were scattered all around the room, adding color and contrast. The Winnie-The-Pooh motif cake was lovely (and tastes good too).

I believe the games were exciting to the 15 or so kids who attended the kiddie party. Matt's Pa came all the way from Cebu just for the occasion (left for Cebu again after the party's wrapped up). Some relatives and friends came. And Winnie the Pooh surprised the kids, much to most kids’ delight (some, to their horror!).

And my dear son, Matt, looked dapper in a white polo and denim shorts. Despite the incident with the “unknowingly” very hot Phillips lamp (which he touched) early on, my son was a picture of happiness. (Although the pictures Tita captured showed a not-so-happy baby, they don't make the whole story; too bad she wasn’t able to take some good shots when Matt's really enjoying himself).

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