Sunday, July 23, 2006

Progress 2

At 8-month old, Matt has mastered the art of closing and opening our cabinet doors. Although this applies only to (door) handles which he can reach and grasp. One time, I left him on the rubber-matted floor to play. He started crawling towards his cabinet; reached for the lowest door; opened it and peeped inside.

He is discovering new things.

He is fascinated with the curtains; and one particular curtain clip. I first detected his fascination with the curtains and everything that moves when the electric fan is turned on, when he was still about 6months old. He could barely stand then, even when supported so he'd just look on. These days, he'd always try to reach for the clip, by tiptoeing or climbing his baby seat.

Our hide-and-seek play started from his curtain fascination. Because we always stay near the curtain, I would try to hide behind the curtain and he'd try to look for me; or the other way around (him hiding behind the curtain with me petending to look for him). This never fails to put a big smile on his face, especially when we'd end up "finding" each other.

Matt can momentarily stand without support. After a few sec, and maybe already feeling the weight, he'd heavily slump his butt.

I have observed that Matt is apprehensive of the rain. I don't know why. Even when he hears the word "rain," he'd keep still as if trying to listen if it really is raining. The pitter-patter on the roof when it rains hard, keeps him awake. I know it's not the water, because he especially loves it when we bathe him and let him play with the water for awhile. But I will work on it, maybe try to associate rain with good things so he won't get anxious whenever it rains.

I remember when I was 8 or 7 yrs old, there were instances that I wake up , only to find that I'm alone. This makes me cry because I remember feeling so scared. The same thing happens to Matt everytime he wakes up and sees that no one is around. That's why I make it a point not to leave him when he's asleep, because I remember "that feeling" of waking up alone as a child.

And for the past few weeks, he's been sleeping through the night like a baby. His REM and deep sleeps are more in tuned. His now occasional "stirrings" just signal his hunger; and after feeding, he'd quietly sleep on. Thanks God, this has given me enough time to rest at night.

And he makes funny faces. 2 funny expressions. He must have been mimicking the way my father's face crinkles everytime he laughs. That may be the one. The other, I still have to discover the root.

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Not another Saturday

AM: Much to my delight, I heard my son say "mama" today. After babbling "papa" non-stop yesterday, I wondered when he'll blurt "mama." It was so pleasing to the ears.

PM: Cris & I brought Matt to his pedia. I think, Matt enjoyed the ride to the dr. He keeps on looking outside the window. Although I have expected Matt to cry when given the vaccine, I was not ready to see him cry so loud, so much. He started to wail when the dr examined him, to measure his head circumference and his height. It tore my heart to see Matt cry as if the tears won't stop.

We later on visited Cris' family in Nazareth after our trip to Matt's pedia. Matt had the "stranger anxiety" attack. Upon seeing the unfamiliar faces of Cris' mother, sister and aunts, he started crying again. He calmed down when I hugged and comforted him. After awhile, he got used to Cris' family. One of Cris' aunts was even able to hold and carry him.

On our way home, he keeps on peering outside the window. Again. Tired. But happy and looking every bit of it.

Friday, July 14, 2006


My son turned eight-month old today.

Much to my delight, I heard him babble "papa" and his version of "tatay." Tatay is my father.

If we take presence into consideration, I wonder why it's not "mama."

But, I am mighty proud of him.