Saturday, July 15, 2006

Not another Saturday

AM: Much to my delight, I heard my son say "mama" today. After babbling "papa" non-stop yesterday, I wondered when he'll blurt "mama." It was so pleasing to the ears.

PM: Cris & I brought Matt to his pedia. I think, Matt enjoyed the ride to the dr. He keeps on looking outside the window. Although I have expected Matt to cry when given the vaccine, I was not ready to see him cry so loud, so much. He started to wail when the dr examined him, to measure his head circumference and his height. It tore my heart to see Matt cry as if the tears won't stop.

We later on visited Cris' family in Nazareth after our trip to Matt's pedia. Matt had the "stranger anxiety" attack. Upon seeing the unfamiliar faces of Cris' mother, sister and aunts, he started crying again. He calmed down when I hugged and comforted him. After awhile, he got used to Cris' family. One of Cris' aunts was even able to hold and carry him.

On our way home, he keeps on peering outside the window. Again. Tired. But happy and looking every bit of it.

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