Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Meet Bobby

Bobby is my son's pet name for a Winnie The Pooh stuffed toy. Oh well, he used to call it Paba, but days before my trip to Manila, he has distinctly called it "Bobby." This particular toy is a birthday present from one of his godmother, Che (previously, my officemate). Unlike some versions of Pooh we have at home (courtesy of my sister who collects stuff toys), it is unbelievably soft (you could squeeze it with one hand and still it would bounce back to its original form upon release), no wonder my son loves to hug (and nuzzle its nose! But I have come to believe he really meant to kiss it everytime he puts the nose in his mouth).

Yesterday, I have given Bobby a much needed "bath" and "brushed his teeth" much to my son's dismay. He kept on crying and calling out Bobby's name. All the more so when he saw his bear hanging outside (to dry him up as quickly as possible).

But before I left to work today, I placed the clean and dry Bobby beside my sleeping son. I had wanted to surprise him when he wakes up.

My mother said Matt was ecstatic when he woke up to see Bobby by his side. He was wrestling and hugging the bear almost instantly and for what seemed like a long time, said Mama.

Below are some pics of Bobby with my son.

Thursday, March 08, 2007


My son’s vocabulary (speech) @ 14 months (going 15):

Hey – used when he wants to catch your attention

Per – for diaper

Yayay – hurt (he can understand when you say hurt but will still say yayay)

Gone- when he dropped something , he’d say (sometimes it’s agaaay)

Agay- bisaya jud na agay

Gweat- for great

Ayy Ayy- his expression when he expects you to dislike what he's doing (and he would shake his head slowly)

Paba- for his Pooh Bear stuff toy

Mimi- his milk in a bottle

Nanay – my mother

Yummy- referring to food that he wants to eat; or if you dangle a food and he wants to have a taste of (sometime he would say “yum, yum” when he is anticipating the food you are holding for him)

Broom – means anything with wheels, even my brother's mountain bike; he doesn’t say “car” but broom, broom

Bye or ba-bye -for good bye

Dickowy dickody or dickody dickowy - for Hickory Dickory

Daddy – he calls my father this even if he hears us say “Tatay” all the time

Baby- a baby or a kid

Word association:

When he hears these words/phrases, he would say or do these:

Going out – he would say “broom, broom” or say “bye"

Birthday – would blow an imaginary candle

Candle – would blow an imaginary candle (same thing if he sees a candle, picture or real)

The rest is childish blabbering that I cannot understand. :P