Thursday, March 08, 2007


My son’s vocabulary (speech) @ 14 months (going 15):

Hey – used when he wants to catch your attention

Per – for diaper

Yayay – hurt (he can understand when you say hurt but will still say yayay)

Gone- when he dropped something , he’d say (sometimes it’s agaaay)

Agay- bisaya jud na agay

Gweat- for great

Ayy Ayy- his expression when he expects you to dislike what he's doing (and he would shake his head slowly)

Paba- for his Pooh Bear stuff toy

Mimi- his milk in a bottle

Nanay – my mother

Yummy- referring to food that he wants to eat; or if you dangle a food and he wants to have a taste of (sometime he would say “yum, yum” when he is anticipating the food you are holding for him)

Broom – means anything with wheels, even my brother's mountain bike; he doesn’t say “car” but broom, broom

Bye or ba-bye -for good bye

Dickowy dickody or dickody dickowy - for Hickory Dickory

Daddy – he calls my father this even if he hears us say “Tatay” all the time

Baby- a baby or a kid

Word association:

When he hears these words/phrases, he would say or do these:

Going out – he would say “broom, broom” or say “bye"

Birthday – would blow an imaginary candle

Candle – would blow an imaginary candle (same thing if he sees a candle, picture or real)

The rest is childish blabbering that I cannot understand. :P

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Grace said...

cute little kid you have!