Sunday, December 23, 2007

Magic To Him

Early on, my sister and I had decided not to set up lights - on the tree or around our house. Not this year.

Truth is, after the highly circulated Christmas (light)-related accident last year, I felt unease creeping on in me everytime I think of the setting up the Christmas lights - which had caused the big fire that cost the life of the daughter of a prominent politician.

I felt safer -and comfortable with our decision.

But early this month my cousin gave us a couple of Christmas (light) Globes after seeing Matt's fascination with their globe lights. So okay, I reckoned that a couple of this will not hurt us and asked my brother, before he left for Korea, to set up the whole thing.

To my surprise, when I came home one afternoon, not only did he install the Globes but some of our lights from last year. I was planning on letting him know about my concern but before I could do that, my son seeing the lights all lighted said, "Wow! Blinking lights!" with the fervor only a child can muster.

Matt actually says that everytime we flick on our Christmas lights. All the time, he sounds as if he's just seen the lights for the first time. It's funny. But everytime I hear him say that, I have to silently thank my brother for all his effort - and my cousin who sent the Globes.

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Melissa said...

I can't imagine a Christmas without lights. Hope is mesmerized by them, too.