Sunday, December 16, 2007

To involve him is to teach him

To involve him is to teach him. I gather that I couldn't just show him, or tell him or describe to him what I'm doing, I have to involve him.

So lately I've been asking my son to hand me a pillow or two, a blanket whenever I tidy our bed. He's really catching up fast and is good at following instructions lately. And I'm just so glad at this big improvement.

One time, I asked him to return the clothes he pulled from my cabinet and he willingly did. Slipshoddily, though.


When before I'd only request his help in throwing a soiled diaper (not poopy diapers though; anyway, he just loves throwing diapers) in the garbage bin, now I am involving him with other tasks like returning his toys or his books before we leave the room. He still cannot put them in proper order but at least he's learning to return them to their places. Some might think it's too early. Maybe. But I'd like to start early with him.

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Melissa said...

It's never to early! I think it's great that your involving him. I only wish that I had started earlier with Hope.

Gattina said...

It is never too early, believe me !

Melanie said...

It can't be too early. I've also been doing many of those same things with Hailey.