Monday, January 07, 2008


Matt's writing here.

Today, I drank choco milk from a mug. No bottle for me today, said Mother. She said I'm a big boy now but I think she's hiding the fact that some thief stole my bottles. Oh my precious Pigeon bottles. But then, she even gave me the privelege to stir my chocolate so it makes up for all her lame reasons. I know I looked cool like Tatay, stirring my chocolate and sipping from the mug like that.

Today, I drove my mother to the brink of insanity when I bumped my head on the wall. I really believed she lost her mind when she applied some ice on my head. I know she hates it when I carelessly run around like I always do but I didn't know she wants to freeze my brain?

Today, I broke the lid of the sugar container. Nanay was mad, my mother kept her cool but I know she's seething inside. What's the fuss? They should be happy it's just the lid! For goodness' sake, I was only inspecting it and making sure that it's breakable like the honey bottle (I broke before).

Today, I was singing He (Jesus) Holds My Hands with Nanay. In my peripheral vision, for a second, I saw my mother getting misty-eyed but she easily camouflaged the look with her winning smile. I wondered what's gotten into her.

Today, I ate a lot. I've been wondering why mother's suddenly feeding me like there's no tomorrow that I completely forgot about my stolen Pigeon bottles. And this choco-milk she's giving me just tastes so good.

Today, I was having a blast with my mother. She's really silly. And crazy. I wished Papa could see him when she's like this. And yes, I miss Papa - oh how I missed Papa. We called him on the phone but the calls were a poor substitute. I kept on asking mother, Abot na taxi (with) Papa? (Has Papa arrived in a taxi?), half-expecting that she'd say YES but father didn't came home that night.

Mother- she's asleep now. She didn't know I'm typing this. She must have unwittingly fallen asleep thinking I'm asleep already. But that's not unusal - she always does. Gotta scram before she finds out screams like a madwoman.

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Melanie said...

You sound like you'd be so much fun to play with! We should write to each other and share our ideas that we use to drive our mothers insane. What fun that would be!