Monday, January 14, 2008

Why I Decide To Make The Big Switch

Why am I insisting on a no-bottle affair with Matt? BECAUSE.

Obviously, he's got a very voracious-like-Mama healthy appetite. He eats rice, yes. And loves soup.

And eats fruits and vegetables. He can even be demanding when it comes to eating his meals.

He drinks his milk religiously.

This was what his actual dinner composition last Saturday. AND he's improved. He can fairly manage eating now. It gets a little messy, and I have to remind him to not play with his food (and be with him to make sure he won't hurt himself or drop the china or something like that)- but it's a great improvement.

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Melissa said...

Over here they say stop the bottle at a year, we did it then and boy was it a struggle. Looks like Matt is doing just fine.

Melanie said...

I haven't been to this blog in a while (because since I am no longer directed to your blogspot page I don't have the link for this one- which I am saving today).
Hailey hardley ever used a bottle so I didn't have to go through this with her. But, her pacifier- that is not going to be fun.
Matt looks like he eats great. Not so with Hailey- maybe she could take some lessons from him about eating better.