Friday, September 07, 2007

Chairless Room for Now

I used to love this recliner as this was the only chair (except for cushion seats) we have in our room. I remember long nights spent on this one - nursing, rocking Matt to sleep or simply keeping watch as he sleeps.

But this one had to go. I made this decision after I woke up one morning to a terrifying sight of my son atop one of its arms. Matt, unknowing of the danger, was "riding" on the arm and looked every bit like a happy and excited pirate who has spotted an island far ahead.

I could smile now as I clearly remember his happy face but I was far from smiling then.

It really was an instant that I could imagine myself screaming, but which I also did not do then. Fear and panic that gripped my heart had me speechless. I could only jump up and hug my boy to me.

When I had collected my thoughts, I only told Matt how he got "Mama so scared." No other words could justify my emotions then.

And although I hated the thought of putting away something that had been useful to us (plus with sentimental value to me) and had been a source of adventure for Matt, I had to temporarily stow it away.

He could have flipped over it, and while I was asleep!
What a scary thought!

Matt only look trapped here but he was not. He used to love this recliner.

This was his source of adventure.

So because of the danger it poses to a curious toddler, I had to be content with a chairless room for now.

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