Sunday, April 22, 2007

All about Matt

I have a black roundish mark on my arm again because Matt bit me on the arm the other day. He rarely bites for quite sometime. But I have tried to be more than patient with him.

Teething? Maybe. I carefully examined his gums and felt with my forefinger the molars emerging from his upper gum. Yes, he is teething. Just as nature would have it. The book said to expect molars to appear when baby is 12 to 15 months. It's time.

And maybe this explains his sudden dislike to brushing, a not-so-Matt thing. Strange. And for a time, I wondered what caused his resistance to brushing.

I have tried giving him a gum massage though, which he undoubtedly loves. He is more than willing to open his mouth for a long time and let me do the rythmic forward-backward stroke on his gums without attempting to nip at my finger. He would even smile and move his head froward and backward and look at me for approval. Cute.

But more than that, Matt is his usual playful, energetic self. Thanks GOD.

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