Tuesday, November 13, 2007


I have to admit that there are nights when Matt is fast asleep that I sneak out of our room and start romancing the keyboards in my sister’s room. Because that is my only chance. And tonight is one of those times.

After tidying up our room, I tiptoed and carefully twisted the doorknob. But it was while I was trying to make a slight opening of the door, just enough for my little frame that it made a creaking sound. Perfect! Matt flipped on his back.

"Mama here now?" He asked.

I froze.

(Hours later, I tried again :D)

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Cecily R said...

How come they can sleep through what sounds like an Atom bomb going off some nights and then others the tiniest sounds wake them up?

Queeny said...

Hi. I just saw you at another site.

I can relate to this post. I wait until the house is quiet (meaning my three offspring and hubs are fast asleep) to get some "me time" and "blog time"

And I walk on egg shells to keep the peace.

Melanie said...

Hailey is the same way- the slightest noises wake her up. I run a white noise machine and it seems to help a liitle.