Thursday, November 15, 2007

Almost 2

- I was working on this and I was ready to post it last night but was unable to post because the crying interrupted me again. :D

November 14 1600H.

Technically speaking, Matt will be 2 years old by 5:27PM this afternoon. That's just few hours from now! So in that note, I'm going to post 24 random things/developmental notes about Matt.

1) He can identify the bridges (that we usually pass) and says "Mama- water?" when he spots the rails customary to these bridges.

2) He drinks his choco+milk drink in a cup but refuses to, if it's just milk. "Mimi" still has to be in a milk bottle.

3) He is already an expert of power buttons --of remotes, of the TV, of the PC, of the monitor. In fact, he gets his kicks pushing the power button of the CPU while Mama is all-eyes on the monitor and busy tapping on the keyboard. Or the TV button (remote is hidden!), when I am seriously glued to a TV show.

4) He can identify logos --of the company I work for, of Shell, of Milo, etc..

5) He can take orders now. It's his "job" to throw the used diaper in our garbage bin and he delivers his job well.

6) His vocabulary is improving. He loves learning "Opposites." (Like, opposite of dry is wet. And is slowly applying the concept). Sometimes, he will count 1 to 10 ; other times, he won't and I'm not sure whether he's just teasing me or if he's just bored or maybe he's forgotten how to. He has yet to perfect the Alphabet though. (I don't really want to pressure him into learning something he may not be ready for) :D

7) He now refers to his pedia as his "friend." After our visits in October, I think Matt has learned to be comfortable with the doctor. He even tried making a chitchat with the pedia on those last two visits.

8) He loves singing. He loves to sing Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star and Itsy Bitsy Spider, etc... even the funny songs (in our dialect) that my father has taught him. And loves his guitar.

9) He still calls Winnie The Pooh, "Bobby"; battery, "batte-te"...

10) He still loves water -the rain, the faucet, taking a bath.

11) He still won't do the "Keep still" or "Sit down-I'll be right back." When taking a bath, he's just too excited. But he can keep still when we clean his ears and change his diapers.

12) He still kicks, pulls my hair and pinch my face when piqued (or when he wants to :D).

13) He still "manipulates" me with his I love yous, his apologies (Mama, sorry), his hugs and kisses.

14) He still loves to read his disjointed books.

15) He still drinks his vitamins without a fuss.

16) He is thrilled when his toy cars are broken and works so hard to break them. And when they are broken, he tries to fix them.

17) He still drives me nuts when he throws his toys, his books, and pulls everything else on the floor.

18) He still loves to run around and to play catch-me with anyone who wants to. But I've seen him use his imagination more and more. Like pretending chairs are cars or talking over the phone, with or without the other party.

19) He still demands to play Where-Is-The-Flag. I've lost count of the flags he can identify now; but it's not too many (20-plus maybe, or 30 :D). And he still likes to point at the planets in the Solar System.

20) He is still scared of the dark, of the vacuum cleaner and the hair dryer. And when scared, he says "Hug-a Mama." (That sometimes I am tempted to scare him - I'm sorry!)

21) He still loves to eat vegetables. And still thinks that ampalaya (bitter gourd) is yummy. And ice cream is hot.

22) He still loves to tinker with the screws, the electric outlet, the tv, remotes... In fact, the other morning, he did it again. I woke up and saw him playing with our aircon remote control, with the battery compartment already opened and the batteries nowhere to be found. But not only that, minutes later, I found out that he had poured water inside the empty battery compartment. I was aghast! I dried it up for 2 days but I'm glad it's back working (lucky me!).

23) He is still thrilled to see babies and kids. He would shriek with joy when he spots babies or kids in the mall, or passing by our house.

24) He still wears a diaper. He has not perfected the potty, he's just starting but I will be seriously training him from now on. (?!)

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the teach said...

ZAM, sounds like a perfectly, normal, very smart 2 year old! Adorable! Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Serena said...

Ah, the joys of child rearing? :D Thanks for sharing.


allrileyedup said...

Sounds like a sweetie. Belated birthday wishes!