Tuesday, November 20, 2007

If It’s Good For Babies…

It was still dreary this morning but we were in the airport to send my hub off to his work base. We had decided to wait awhile until we hear that flights would push through as scheduled (yesterday’s flight was canceled due to visibility problem). So it was while waiting in the parking lot that nature called. No big deal. Really. IF ONLY THE CRs WERE WORKING.

Yesterday, I was in this same track so I can still imagine the OUT OF ORDER signs hanging by the CR doors. No water supply, I found out. There was no water the last time we were here and that’s a couple of weeks ago. Can you imagine how inconvenient that is? It was just a stroke of luck that, after met with refusal after refusal, I was able to coax a saleslady in one of the souvenir outlets to let me use their CR despite the lack of water. I was already a big begging baby all ready to explode cry. Out of frustration, desperation, irritation –name it.

This morning, there would be no question that begging would no longer be an option.

But you know the feeling of trying to suppress something, you only end up increasing the feeling to nth degree. So? So excuse me, I’ve got to resort to something unconventional, to say the least.

I.used.my.son’s.diaper.right.there.in.the.parking.lot. Yes!

Good thing our car tint is the as-long-as-the-lights-inside-are-out-you’ll-remain-almost-invisible-outside type. And good thing I always carry extra diapers when we bring Matt with us because you'll never know when they can be handy. But why not? If it’s good for babies, then it must be good for me, too.

But really. What a relief! You just couldn’t imagine the relief after trying so hard to control the flow so there's no leak-out.

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Melissa said...

Wow, that's using your noggin. To bad I'm out of the diaper stage or I might have to give that a try in the future.