Saturday, November 10, 2007

Of germs, bottom and taking a bath

This may not sound too good. And I guess, Moms, I could partly be blamed. Because I have always been a trying-hard Mom and trying so hard to explain things to an impressionable toddler.

For example, I taught him that we should wash the hand always because if we don't, germs may gather there. Actually, I don’t have to graphically illustrate the concept of germs to him because he saw it on TV – in one of the TV ads.

But I was taken aback when, coming out from the bath, I passed by my son en route our room.

Matt: Mama?

Me, stopping in my track: Mmm?

Matt, continued: Mama? Clean bottom? No germs?

Yes, I'm sure that it must have been during the wash-your-hand and take-a-bath-always lessons that I have inadvertently shown Matt the relationship between bottoms and germs.

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Cecily R said...

Kids are so great about putting us in our places, aren't they? And we think they never listen...

Melanie said...

Ha! Too funny!!