Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Ma's Corner on Valentine's day

Today is a special day. Not because today is Valentine’s day (maybe that’s one..heheh) but because today, my darling Matt is already 3 months old.

Three-months. I can’t believe how time flies. From a 2.6-kl infant, now Matt has grown up quite unexpectedly (buyag! and I don’t have to tell you how heavy he is now, you guess for yourself when you see his pic here). He already knows how to do some tricks like the “close-open-your-hands” and “do-the- beautiful-eyes” when prodded. He smiles, even chuckles when we talk to him, and only Heaven knows what is so funny – our talk or our faces- which tickles him. And he talks back, sometimes with a smile on his lips (eyes dancing!) and at times, with a pout and creased brows. And he break dances! Break dancing here means moving his head as far back as possible, neck stretching, arms wildly waving, legs kicking and body wiggling. Hard to imagine huh? It’s even harder to hold him if he breakdances, which is quite always. Things are going good for Matt- thanks GOD! And we pray for his welfare always.

Three months. And Matt’s Mama is already back into wearing some of her old clothes and pants. Really huh??!! Really. Well, who would not lose those pregnancy-fat when I do almost all chores for Matt- from cleaning & sterilizing his bottles , washing & ironing his clothes, to diapering and waking at night-almost hourly to breastfeed (NOTE: Hubby is away.). Not that I am complaining because I couldn’t complain (God has been so good to us) and there’s really nothing to complain if you get down to the bottom, that this is all for one dear son. Then again, my mother relieves me with some of these motherly duties-and boy I’m just soooo grateful! And there’s just so much to be grateful—like these duties, which keeps me trim that I don’t need to go to the gym anymore (saves money) and I don’t need to buy myself more new clothes (saves much more money). Thanks GOD!

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bing said...

I did all that too...pero wala lagi ko naniwang! huhuhu!