Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Ma's Corner 2/25/06: Sleepyhead

I slept in the office today..Not a good sign -not the perfect work attitude, ey? Honestly, I’ve been longing for an uninterrupted sleep, even just for 2 hrs. Having a baby makes one forget of the pleasure of an 8-hr sleep. And to think during my pre-Matt days I have been a consistent 8-hr sleeper and a must-nap-in the-afternoon advocate. Gone are those days. Feels like a lifetime has passed..long time ago.

Yesterday, I woke up from Matt’s babyish talks. He’s already awake at 4:30 AM, too early for the bone-weary mom. With a little throbbing in my head, I tried to humor my baby and had his o-o time even if I wanted so much to go sleep. But Matt didn't defecate in our first attempt, so I dragged my head off the bed and tried opening my eyes as much as I could, to try again- with the thought of sleep slowly leaving my consciousness as minutes passed by with me concentrating on coaching Matt to defecate. I was already sweating but still no poop came from Matt. (It was only at 8AM when he had passed out his dirt.)

But then, even if Matt is asleep, I cannot leave him in the room and do other stuffs. I had to be contented watching him , feeding him, singing and rocking him back to sleep - and making the baby scrap book, in between.

I must have dozed off in the afternoon but only to be awakened by Matt's movement beside me. With one look at my smiling son's face, thoughts of sleeping was completely erased. Vanished. Evaporated.

But for now, I had the liberty to go to sleep. Anyway today is a Saturday. Working during weekends have their advantages,too (smirk!). With all the tasks assigned to me already done, I cannot be guilty to avail of a little time for a break. To refresh myself, to get rid of the zombie-like me, to be effective in the workplace (if ever some task comes up later in the afternoon). Excuses, excuses..Haha.

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