Sunday, February 12, 2006

Ma's corner - 12/12/06

Today, I woke up from the slow movement of my son beside me. I waited another few more minutes- I knew Matt would soon wake up. Let me have this moment, just savoring the sight of my sleeping baby. Before I knew it, my son is slowly scanning the room with sleepy eyes, adjusting to the dim lighting.

Time is 5:30AM. We still have 30 mins for our o-o play (*o-o time for us means coaching my son to defecate, usually few minutes after waking up), before I'd hurry to take a bath and ready myself to work. Even on Saturdays and SUndays, I do go to work (but only for this month).

After more encouragements (on my side) and few gruntings and pushes (on his side), o-o time is over. Time to clean up the mess.

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