Thursday, July 05, 2007

Simple terms

The following transcript is almost in verbatim.

Me, pointing to the Holy Family statue in our room: Matt, this is Baby Jesus.

Matt, all eyes and ears: (silence)

Me, pointing to the Crucifix: And here is Jesus on the cross.

Me, pointing to His hands and feet: Jesus is nailed here, here and here. (So there's) blood on His hands and feet. Hurt. Jesus is hurt.

Matt wriggled in my arms and try to reach for the Crucifix placed on top of the cabinet. Tentatively.

Me, trying to calm him with my hand rythmically moving up and down his back: No, Matt. No.

Matt was not stilled. He continued shooting his hand to the Crucifix.

Me, wondering : Maaatt...Why?

Matt, still grasping
, almost frantically now: Hug, hug.

Me, still and quiet for a second: Ohhh... (in understanding).

It dawned on me that in his young mind, getting hurt means getting more than ample doses of hugs and kisses to make the pain "gone na."

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annie said...

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Mere Orthodoxy-181st Christian Carnival: Poetry Edition (updated) July 18, 2007 said...

[...]presents Crizematt: Simple Terms

The simplicity of a child
Reaching up, grasping,
To comfort, to hold, to caress.
The simplicity of a child
Trying to take away the hurt of the Hurting One[...]