Monday, July 02, 2007

Funny Bulilit

He saw it again! And he was entertained.

I remember the first time Matt saw it. He was rooted in place and was all-eyes on TV. I know he didn’t understand what they’re saying because the dialogues are mostly in Tagalog/Filipino.

And last Sunday, we saw it again.

It’s a gag show called Going Bulilit , which stars a cast of gangly kids and tackles no childish issues. (In fact, I think it’s very clever, for putting on kids to deliver the punches on issues like politics in the country. Or punches to personalities, political or not. Very smart, indeed. It sort of blunt the sharp edges, lessen the sting.)

Anyway, with the kids making comical faces after each punch line, my son, to my belief, must have found it appealing and amusing. He was laughing animatedly every time.

And this time, I wondered if he can really take in the messages. Or maybe he’s just concerned on the funny faces. But then he has always been fond of watching shows with babies and kids on them.

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