Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Another circus trick

Here's an afternoon full of fun.

It started innocently with dear Matt watching Sesame Street's Happy Healthy Monsters,

which I know he thoroughly enjoys. All the time.

But then you just couldn't contain the vigor and energy of a toddler. No, don't even try. Or ever expect to be successful at containing it. Even with an entertaining show like Sesame Street.

Nor could you attempt to predict a day with a kid.

Because chances are, a seemingly quiet afternoon will turn into
a lip-smacking crazy somersaulting afternoon.

Pardon the not too good quality of these pictures. Quality was just the least of my concern the time this was taken. Or the angle these pics were taken. I'm even questioning my sanity for wasting a moment just to take these. But then these are precious moments in my son's life.


Get set...


Make it a heart-stopping crazy somersaulting afternoon with my dear son Matt. And surely you know now that I didn't mention the circus thing just to jest.

No, don't say " surely you jest" ever again to me.

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annie said...

What a cutie you have.
Thanks for visiting izzy's blog and my blog too.