Friday, June 22, 2007

Speak Aloud 2

My son is building his vocabulary. Slowly and surely. And it's something I'm more than happy about. Because I can easily understand his needs and wants. When before I’d depend more on instinct and little cues as guides, now I have dear Matt as the guide. He can now tell us what he really wants and needs. With him pointing and saying things at the same time, I can almost always guess what he wants or needs. By just istening carefully. And with the help of some context clues (when the blabbering seems incoherent).

I'm just as amazed at how he (or the kid his age) picks up some words he heard an adult (or adults) utter and mutters it to himself (sort of trying if he can do/say what the adults said, mimicking). Sometimes, hearing him say them is sooo funny.

I listed (again!) few words and phrases from his vocabulary because this is one development of my baby that I want documented. Wala lang, but for reason only a mother might find amusing. Whatever.

And with great pride (mother's pride!), I'm noting his improvement. Like, when before he’d refer to the light as gigi, now he can clearly pronounce the word. And more. He can even count one to ten with some help (but he can clearly enunciate the words). And sing Rain, Rain Go Away (with only rain and again as lyrics). Also My Jesus is Alive (with only the word alive, while omitting the rest).

Some words (at the left side are my son's way of saying them):

Alive - alive

Atta-min – vitamin

Bata, kid – child

Bite - bite

Cod - cold

Cuckoo – cockroach

Cup - cup

Dadee - thunder

Dagan - run

Dap - drop

Dive - drive

E-off - to turn off

E-on - to turn on

Fog - frog

Jejzh - Jesus

Kha-dick - candlestick

Khai (ing) – cry, crying

Khai-m - climb

Ki-ckon - aircon

Kit - kiss

Lod - Lord

Mi-root - remote (for TV, aircon etc..)

Olen - orange

Poohn - spoon

Tek - text (SMS on phone)

Wally - water

Weed - read

Wen - rain

More phrases:

Hi/Hello, (name) - Hi Mama, Hello Mama, Hello Pit (fish)

Mownin - Good morning

Take a bath – take a bath

or he can put two word together like: cry cat (when hearing a cat/s wail); nanay book (a reading material he's seen nanay read).

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