Saturday, June 16, 2007

pulling no more

Gone are the days when I'd see newly-laundered clothes haphazardly thrown on the floor. Among the litter toys and books and what-not.

I still wake up to a very cluttered room, thanks to kiddo Matt. But now, the clutter mainly consists of toys, toys and more toys. Occasionally, I'd see a book or two joining the pile but I think that's alright.

Darling son has obviously outgrown the stage when there is a strong urge to pull things out randomly. And this is something I'm so happy about. In the past few weeks, I've observed him opening cabinet doors without pulling out the clothes. As of late, I haven't even seen him pull the telephone cord out of its socket which used to be his favorite past time.

Now, he's more keen on dumping the contents out of his toy basket unto the floor. But rascal that he is, I wonder when he'll ever outgrow pulling my hair to get my attention, or to provoke me. Tongue in cheek. :-)

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