Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Mimicking Mama

Trust a kid to make you drop your jaw all the way to the ground. In a heady rush of emotions such as gladness, surprise and a little annoyance. All at once. Am I making some sense here?

This morning, I was teaching Matt the concept and relationship of “dropping” and “picking-up” using his toys as props. Knowing that kids his age love repetition of movement and sound, I repeated the process of dropping and picking up so many times using different toys each time.

No sooner had I turned my back than I heard soft thuds. Someone was obviously dropping something on our rubber-matted floor. And you guess right, darling tot was the culprit. He was learning so fast he was already copying Mama’s example. I was glad that my son picked up the idea so fast but I was not too happy seeing him holding ..surprise,surprise, my phone!

On the second thought, is that funny rascal giving me the you-mess-with-my-toys-and-I’ll-go-mess-with-yours message?

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