Thursday, May 17, 2007

Rock-A-Boy No more

What would you do when darling tot is all heavy-lidded but still wouldn't dive right into bed and sleep? You hum, sing him lullabyes and all the songs that come to mind and you gently rock him 'til he dozes off to Dreamland (and 'til you can no longer stand the aching in your backs and arms!). What else can you do!, my mother declared in mock-dismay.

And indeed, that's what my mother did. And naturally, my father followed suit. And before we knew it, we - me, hubby and sis AJ- were doing that too. That was what everybody in the family used to do. And if I may add (*taking a deep breath and bracing myself**), for hours. Yup, yup, yup. We would rock him and try to put him to sleep for hours! (Of course, it varies whether kiddo is tired or not and stuff. And also,
by the time he's reached 8 months, the time we'd spend trying to put him to sleep is lesser than when he was still an infant.)

In the past, there were even times I'd hold a sleeping Matt all through the night, while I sit on this rattan chair, fighting off sleep (and failing at times!). I couldn't forget those days, and nights.**Sigh** I am reminiscing now**

But really, my mother, she started it all. Make no mistake, I am not blaming her. It's hardly her fault. She's just one doting Grandma who loves to mollycoddle his grandson and make his life more comfortable.

But alas! Dear Matt can now sleep by himself (I mean not alone but without a sitter to rock him to sleep) without a fuss, and just when I'm starting to wonder when he'd ever outgrow this habit. (I really do not mind one bit but come to think of it, dear son is getting heavier by the day. So when I say I'm tired to go to the gym, it's because I already have my weight lifting exercises in the comforts of my home! Ah let's see, go and try it yourself, carry and rock a 10 - 11kl load for, umm, 30mins or an hour or a couple. And then tell me what you think. *wink*wink* ).

Now, it's so easy. I can just shower him with kisses, murmur an it's-okay-Mama's-here-go close-your-eyes-now line, put some comforting arms around him, maybe hum a bit -or make a sound similar to singing, and then wait for some time til a familiar even breathing is heard. Haaayy, 'tis such a welcome change.

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