Saturday, May 26, 2007

Bigger Pearls

Molars and canines are thrusting off the surface of my son's gums. Almost simultaneously. And all 4 of each type!

At twenty-plus, I remember not feeling too great the time a wisdom tooth emerged from my gums. So Matt must have been feeling so terrible with all the eight teeth beating each other from poking out of his gums. Doubly terrible or eight- thly terrible!

So although I'm not too happy with his biting habits these days (I've seen him bite some things which may not necessarily be clean and some skin which is not his own), I've tried to extend my patience for like a hundred miles, or the farthest I can manage. I've also tried to make him feel better by massaging his gums every so often (which he obviously loves because I've seen him copy the works). And a little more, by giving him some teething toys.

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