Sunday, August 05, 2007

(Complete) sentences of 21-mo Matt

Months -maybe 4- after his 1st birthday, my son learned to say iloveyou (Bah-bu). That was his first sentence. He's still using that up to present time. Plus, I'm hearing more and more sentences coming from him. As I've said he is in this wonderful stage of verbal exploration. And as his mother, I couldn't be more glad.

I'm glad because understanding (or what he wants) is becoming more like a piece-of-cake. Thanks God.

[Though that doesn't mean I'm not having any parenting woes.]

But really, now I'm glad I'm clearly hearing him say the sentences [more for his wants/needs]. The finger-pointing to get across what he wants is slowly being replace with sentences. Cool. This means lesser fussing , lesser frustration, lesser crying (because sometimes one cannot easily comprehend his needs/wants] , and quicker response time.

Having one frustrated baby, by the way, can be nerve-jagging and can easily make an adult frustrated too. And that is exactly the reason why I've been trying to move heaven and earth coaching Matt the words to communicate his needs/wants.

Thanks also to my mother, who's doing a great job coaching him during her "sitting" time with dear Matt.

So I'm noting the sentences he usually utters these days. And I'm writing it just the way he enunciates them.

Ah(I) want to dwink (drink) juice. Ah want to get the juice. Dwinking.

Ah want the camwa (camera). Ah want to howd (hold) the camwa.
Get the camwa.
Gimme the camwa... pweease (please).

Ah want ... [mimi na (milk), juice, wice (rice), fish, banana, the car].
Gimme the...[mimi na (milk), juice, wice (rice), fish, banana, car]
Ah want to hold the... [pen, payong (umbrella), fon (phone) the car].
Ah want to eat.

Ah want to [wid (read), draw, drive the car]

Ah want the pillow. Howd the pillow. Pillow.

Big Bid (bird). Theh (there) you go. Wowowee.

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Jennifer aka Binky Bitch said...

I have a 21 month old, too! He's adorable! Isn't it fun how they become such precious little communicaters!!??

eastcoastlife said...

Toddlers at this age are so cuteeee. Your son is a handsome boy. Cheers.

Debbie said...

Your son is adorable. My granddaughter is 13 months old. They are so precious.


Deb - Mom of 3 Girls said...

Oh they are so cute when first learning how to talk! Your little one is adorable... :)

onemotherslove said...

How sweet! Seems like just yesterday that we were starting to hear sentences, too! Great that you're recording his sayings - you should join Tiny Talk Tuesday! And thanks for visiting my blog!

Suzy said...

Sweet little boy!!Thanks for stopping by my blog!!